Heart wrenching testimony was presented in favor of a bill that would make it illegal to touch your phone while driving. The bill passed Senate Transportation. Gabrielle from East Baton Rouge Parish says she was hit by a truck on I-10 that was going 75 miles per hour, and the driver didn’t react until a half a second before impact because they were on their phone.

“I don’t get to hear her say ‘Mom’ or get to see her walk or put her hair in pigtails, if she would have been looking up I would have been able to do that.”

Susan says her daughter died in front of her small children who had just been dropped off after she was hit pulling out of a driveway by a driver who was on his phone.

“The driver also put in the police report that she didn’t even know what she hit, is she would have been looking up she would have seen the car in front of her.”

And a New Iberia woman told the panel how she received a call while in Puerto Rico, preparing for her wedding, that her father had been hit by a man who was on his phone while behind the wheel.

“He dropped his phone and hit my dad. I didn’t have anybody to walk me down the aisle for my wedding and ever since then I just wish that guy was paying attention.”

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