A bill to abolish the death penalty in Louisiana will soon be filed as the debate about capital punishment continues on the national level.  State Senator Dan Claitor said he is taking the action because he believes the death penalty cheapens life in society, adding there are errors that occur, as well as a list of other issues.

“It’s being filed because I don’t believe the death penalty is a deterrent.  I believe that the cost of it is too much.  I believe that it is immoral,” said Claitor.

Claitor, a Republican from Baton Rouge, is working with Rep. Terry Landry, a Democrat from Acadiana, on pushing the bill forward.  Claitor said victims’ families will get to be a part of the discussion as the bill is pushed forward.

“Some folks do not want the state of Louisiana to put anyone to death in the name of their loved one.  They are not for that.  Then there are certainly those that are heavily in favor of it,” said Claitor.

Claitor said if this bill passes, it will not affect the over 70 people currently on death row in Louisiana.

“The bill will not seek to reverse those decisions that have already been made.  It would be a forward looking bill,” said Claitor.

This is not the first time this legislation has been introduced, but Claitor said he’ll keep trying even if not successful in this session.

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