A fatal wreck in November 2017 is inspiring a Bossier Parish representative to push an extension of a law that could make drug tests a requirement after serious auto and boating accidents.  The current law only mandates toxicology tests if someone dies at the scene of a crash.  Representative Raymond Crews says measure stems from the death of a 4-year-old.

“A motorist pulled out while a red light was on, t-boned another car, and a little girl that was in it was sent to the hospital and a week later she died, so this was really in response to that because no toxicology was performed,” said Crews.

Crews said the proposed extension gives law enforcement the opportunity to make the call for a need of testing by gauging the seriousness of the scene.

“I just want to address those most egregious cases and just give the officer the ability to be able to perform that test without any fear or retribution if this is a serious accident,” said Crews.

Crews said the mother of the child plans to testify at the committee meeting when the expansion will be presented.

“The mother of the child that died was really heartfelt in wanting to do something about this situation to reduce the chance of an occurrence like this again,” said Crews.

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