Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor is proposing a bill that would fine wreckless drivers for creating potentially dangerous wakes while driving through flooded areas. The bill would add a new specification to existing law that would fine drivers up to $500, with potential for 90 days in jail. Claitor says the legislation was inspired by flood horror stories from his constituents.

“You’ve done everything that you can and you have two inches of freeboard left and you have someone who is just thoughtless or self-centered come plowing through there and that’s just disheartening.”

Claitor says passing the bill could help cut down on such incidents.

“It would be a misdemeanor, and I think it would get people’s attention.”

If the bill passes, Claitor says you can report wreckless flood zone drivers to the authorities.

“You could video tape the person that’s going past your house doing it, and then turn it into the DA.”

The bill would also extend these laws to watercraft used during flood situations.

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