Planning a wedding is by far one of the most stressful things, and I have never been the bride. Even thinking about planning a wedding gives me anxiety. There's the venue, the wedding party, the DJ, the reception, and of course...the dress.

White has been the traditional color of wedding dresses, but times are changing and so are the colors. More and more brides are choosing black dresses over white, to go along with the sign of the times.

According to CNN, searches for black wedding dresses on Google kept up with searches for white wedding dresses over the last year. In September and October of 2021, searches for black wedding dresses surpassed white wedding dresses.

The demand for black wedding dresses increased so much that David's Bridal, which only offered the noir colored dress by custom order, will have black dresses in store this fall. Customers can already purchase those black gowns on their website.

The trend is starting to go to celebrity status, with Kourtney Kardashian wearing one in her wedding to Travis Barker in Italy.

Traditionally, wearing white on your wedding day was a sign of purity and innocence. Over the last few years of Covid life, with all the postponed weddings, people decided not to let their taste be defined by this unwritten rule.

Black dresses, according to fashion blogs across the world, symbolize power, class, and sophistication. After all, it's all about the bride and how she wants to feel on her biggest day. I, personally, want to wear a black dress on my future big day. Black is my color, and it looks good on everyone.

Would you ever buck tradition and wear a black wedding dress? Would you be prepared for the potential backlash from your family and friends? I think it might be worth it if you feel like a million dollars. Your wedding. Your rules.

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