The Governor is in a world of hurt.  That after the CPAC straw poll delivered a humbling blow to Bobby Jindal, a man that would like to fill out change of address cards in 2016 that read 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Governor Jindal came in 9th in the straw poll among leaders of the party as to who they would like to lead them.  People talked about Rand Paul, and no wonder with his recent filibuster.  People talked about Marco Rubio, and you can imagine why, with his rising star status in the party.  People even talked about Sarah Palin, whom Jindal shared 9th place showing with at CPAC.  But, they didn't talk about Bobby Jindal.

Governor Jindal showed up in front of a national audience a few years ago with his State of the Union response that received a pass from most everyone.  Still, people are forgiving and he has gotten some national attention of late.  Then he delivered the same basic speech that he has been delivering since Mitt Romney was defeated.  Jindal seems to be positioning himself to be the outsider of the party.  The guy you can trust because he is calling Republicans to task.  Never mind that he supported Mitt Romney in the last election and before that, Rick Perry.

The Governor has been focusing his attentions nationally and we all know it.  You would think that he would get some attention in this poll and, while no one thinks for a second he was going to get first, he should have at least gotten 3rd or 4th for his trouble.  Instead, he is tied with Sarah Palin for 9th and at least she had a speech that made people remember her well.

Bobby Jindal has proven that he can come back from something like this, but you have to wonder if a time is coming that he may want to set his sights a little lower.  Maybe it's time for him to run for Senate instead of thinking about being Commander-in-Chief.  He just might have more luck with that, given the outcome of the CPAC Straw Poll.

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