A month into his term as Governor, John Bel Edwards had to explain to citizens of Louisiana the budget deficit is worse than we all thought. During that televised speech last night he explained but also threatened that taxes would have to be raised and education would be hit first. TOPS funding was to be cut immediately...gasp! Today we learned that TOPS will be funded to an 80% level. Sounds to me we were told the worst yesterday and today were told it might not be that bad. Um? Do you think we were told the TOPS story as a threat and then today the Administration was hoping we would not mind being taxed more?

Heaven forbid LSU football might also be impacted! Is that a sign of the Apocalypse?

Yep, I take John Bel Edwards to task on this one and even include a word or two about Bobby Jindal. Please click the link above to watch this edition of 'Romero On The Right' and remember the views and opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and in no way reflect views of anyone else at KPEL or Townsquare Media. Ken

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