All last week we heard of several energy companies cutting off power to so many needing to find warmth. Millions had to endure the record low temperatures, so many Texans and Louisianians had to find ways to stay warm without any power. If I hear "power grid" one more time I might become unhinged.

The frustration I felt of not having power for a couple of days is nothing compared to some things that families have gone through. I had several layers that kept me warm, most of us in Shreveport-Bossier were only without power for 24 hours at a time.

We heard of the homeless community battling the snow and ice, we heard about the tragic story in Downtown Shreveport where a dead body was found in an empty building. It's suspected that the man who was homeless froze to death.

It's not just the homeless community that suffered at the hands of the winter storm, we heard about many families battling temperatures under 30 degrees inside their homes. I saw some homes dip as low as 43 degrees here in Shreveport. Imagine not being able to find warmth, not even in your home.

My heart breaks seeing the mass casualties being reported. The story of 11-year-old Cristian Pavon has been consuming me. The young boy was found dead in his family's mobile home last Tuesday. Pavon's family claims he died of hypothermia when they lost power during the winter storm. According to Business Insider, The young boy's mother is suing two energy providers, accusing them of "profits over the welfare of people.". 

According to, several bodies have been found outside homes. "Some of the older people who died in Texas were found outside their homes. It wasn't immediately clear what prompted them to go outside." When hyperthermia hits a body many people go into a state of confusion, the confusion could be what sent many people to walk outside.

According to APNews, there have been over 70 deaths in Texas connected to the snowstorm, what do all these people have in common? They had no power or electricity to be able to keep warm. Unfortunately, it looks like the amounts of deaths will continue to mount in the next coming dates. Are energy companies to blame?


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