Shreveport and this entire region is full of so many people who are always willing to help our neighbors. One local group has been working non-stop to help others. The Shreveport Volunteer Network has been clearing roads, giving out firewood, handing out water and so much more.
This group was formed a couple of years ago when strong storms hit our community. Co-Founders Keith Bryant and Tommy Giles stepped up to do whatever they could to help and they solicited help from others who had the equipment and know-how to get things done.
These folks jumped into high gear last week to solve problems as they happened. They first started chopping wood and giving out free firewood. Once the snow arrived, they got equipment from other volunteers and went out and cleared several streets. After the bitterly cold temps on Tuesday when we dropped to 1 degree and water systems started to fail, these guys jumped in to provide water to people who need it.
This network is still growing, but they can always use more help. Click here to volunteer your services.
Word continues to spread about this group and it's amazing to see all the things they do to help wherever they are needed.
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