BOSTON (KPEL) -- Red Sox fans flocked to Fenway Park Saturday in what marked the baseball team's first game since the bombings at the Boston Marathon and since the last remaining suspect in that bombing was taken into custody.

Set to the tune of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," those in attendance were treated to an emotional slideshow of pictures depicting the previous week. It started with pictures of the marathon itself before the bombings, then transitioned into scenes of grief and despair, first responders coming to the aid of victims, then the historic door-to-door search of Boston Suburbs.

But the final images showed relief and exuberance, police officers congratulating each other to the applause of residents in the streets as the final suspect was taken into custody.

The pre-game ceremony also recognized those who lost their lives in the bombings and those who still continue to heal as they recover from their injuries.