The Diocese of Baton Rouge released the names today of 37 clergy members who have been credibly accused of abuse involving children. Bishop Michael Duca says hopes this will help the abuse victims whose lives were violated and a chance for the diocese to re-establish trust. (LIST OF 37 ACCUSED CLERGY MEMBERS)

“My prayer is that this list will be a sign of a new level of transparency and openness in the way we respond to allegations of abuse and care for the victims,” said Duca.

Press Conference
Press Conference

Duca says he’s heard some victims share their stories and there are no words to express the depth of their sadness and shame. He imagines today could be a difficult day for victims who never came forward.

“Hopefully a victim of abuse will see a name on this list and say that’s me and this will give them the courage to go to a trusted friend, counselor, family member of come talk to me and share their story and no longer bear the pain alone,” said Duca.

Duca says the list is not a final piece when it comes to child abuse, but rather a foundational change in how the Church responds to future allegations.

“I’m really hoping that we begin to change the way we do things as a whole in the church, and one of that is to be more open, more vulnerable in dealing with those, especially those who deal with abuse,” said Duca.

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