LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- The video-taped confession of Brandon Scott Lavergne, the man convicted murdering 21-year-old Mickey Shunick, has been released by the Lafayette Police Department.

According to our news partners at KATC TV-3, who were able to obtain a copy of the video, Lavergne told police he had been drinking while driving the night of May 19. He says he was playing on his phone when he claims he accidentally hit Shunick from behind.

Police department officials have said Lavergne was calling various escort services the night of the murder while driving his truck.

Because he was a convicted felon and because he had a gun in his truck, Lavergne says he didn't want to call police. According to Lavergne, Shunick indicated she had drugs on her, so the two agreed not involve law enforcement.

He offered her a ride home, and on the way, they began discussing how much he would pay Shunick to repair the damage to the bike. Lavergne felt she was asking for too much, and the conversation quickly became heated, he says.

When she reached to grab her phone, Lavergne threatened Shunick, saying, "I'm not playing with you."

Shunick maced Lavergne in the face, he says, so he grabbed his knife and began stabbing her. He says she slumped over, and when he felt for a pulse, he couldn't feel anything. Thinking she was dead, he drove to a remote area, but suddenly, Lavergne says Shunick jumped up and began stabbing him. This is when he pulled out his gun and shot her one time.

Lavergne says he drove back to his home, Shunick's body still in the truck, where he walked in and out of the house. Lavergne says he contemplated suicide, at one point putting the gun to his head.

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