If you won't listen to common sense then maybe you'll listen to former NFL star Brett Favre. It has been announced that Favre will be the voice of a new public service message that will air in Louisiana. The aim of that message is to reduce instances of distracted driving.

In the message, the former NFL Most Valuable Player makes a comparison about distractions on the field and distractions behind the wheel.

Even the smallest distraction could make a good play or offensive drive come to an end. When you’re in a car, the smallest distraction could end much more than a drive. It could end someone’s life.

In a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network, it was revealed that Property Casualty Insurance Vice President of State Government Relations Joe Woods was one of the driving forces behind getting Farve to participate in this project.

Changing the law is one thing but changing this culture is even more important and we think that Brett has a voice that a lot of people will listen to.

Although I personally don't think life advice from Brett Farve is going to sway my personal behavior it is worth a shot. Let's face it, Brett's had his own share of "distractions" off the field. Even ESPN didn't want to hear what Brett had to say when he auditioned for an announcer gig on Monday Night Football.

But still, maybe his very human and now very humble persona is just the right delivery mechanism for a message of this kind.If it saves one life or motivates even one motorist to pay more attention to driving than their telephone then I have no trouble getting behind the idea. I certainly support the spirit and intent of the project.


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