A screen capture showing a bully repeatedly hitting a fellow student in the face is making its rounds on social media.

The NSFW video you see above was posted by Facebook user Kia Alexis Barber, but the original seems like it was posted on Instagram by someone using the handle beyond_thissworld.

Multiple viewers determined that this took place at Northside High School, but since there is no official timetable on when the incident in this video actually occurred it's hard to determine if this is something that has happened recently or if this is an older video.

Either way, it's disturbing.

One of the main reasons I say it's disturbing is due to the people in the background snickering, laughing and filming while the bully continues to hit the other boy in the video. There is a verbal exchange that seems to surround accusations that the victim may have told someone that the bully was "selling weed," but there is really no excuse for this type of behavior.

Both Northside High School and the Lafayette Parish School Board were tagged in the comments, but to my knowledge, neither of them have addressed the video at the time of this post.

We'll keep you updated on any developments.

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