I will admit, sometimes I pay attention to the weather forecast about as much as I keep up with any of The Real Housewives of (Fill In The Blank City).

However, I was looking at the 7-day forecast this morning because I have a trip later this week, and I wanted to see how the weather would be on the day I fly out.

What a nice surprise -- we got us a real legit cool front coming our way!

KATC Meteorologist Bradley Benoit says that a fall cold front, and our first real shot at some cooler weather, will push through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

He says some possible scattered showers and storms will be ahead of the boundary Tuesday night. Then, expect clearing skies throughout the day on Wednesday as winds turn breezy out of the north.

And here's the big news. We'll see widespread middle to upper 50s come Thursday and Friday mornings.


Choo, the gumbo pots are already getting the frissons with excitement!

To top it all off, plenty of sunshine will be in place for both afternoons as temperatures top out in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

I may call in "sick" to work and go just lay out in my yard all day. (Of course, provided that someone I know has some good gumbo for me.)


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