The most important piece in the Camp Minden explosives disposal puzzle is making its way north. The burn chamber that will be used to help dispose of 16 tons of M6 propellant is expected to arrive on site by February 12th.

The arrival of the burn chamber was delayed by high water according to Colonel Pete Schneider with the National Guard. According to a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network, the unit should be arriving at the port in Nachtitoches between February 6th and 9th. From there it will take about four days for the chamber to be moved to the disposal site at Camp Minden.

It was supposed to get there on the 4th of January, however with all of that high water. Once the water lowered and got to safe levels we were able to put it in motion. It’s in the Mississippi now and we’re looking forward to receiving it.

The chamber is currently being transported by water but in order to be delivered to Camp Minden it will have to be loaded on to trucks.

We’ve got all the parishes that are involved with it, State Police, Department of Transportation, all the utilities that will have to march along with this and raise power lines just to make sure we get it safely up to Camp Minden.

The unit, one of only two in the world, measures 180 feet long by 27.5 feet wide. It weighs more than 400-thousand pounds. Officials with the National Guard and Camp Minden hope that when the burn chamber arrives on site it won't be too much longer until the safe disposal of the M6 propellant can begin.

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