Campaign finance reports for the September 3rd to 22nd period are in and Governor Edwards has $3.1 million on hand, followed by Eddie Rispone at $2.7 million, and Ralph Abraham at $318,000.

Edwards continues to lap his opponents in fundraising, outraising Rispone and Abraham in the period by a combined $574,000. UL Lafayette Poli Sci Professor Pearson Cross says the Governor is well-positioned for a run-off if he can’t crack 50% of the primary vote.

“The $822,000 he raised indicates that he is still raising money, is a very effective money raiser, and is going to be well funded all the way through,” said Cross.

Independent polls show Edwards close to avoiding a run-off, but an analysis of recent early voting data indicates that may not be the case.

Rispone spent a remarkable $3.5 million during the period on an ad blitz that independent polls show have put him in second place. Cross says the self-funding businessman has little choice.

“He is in so far right now that frankly, he has to continue to spend to justify the money that he has already spent, otherwise it’s a bad bet,” said Cross.

A recent poll by JMC Analytics puts Rispone ahead of Abraham 21-18 percent, within the margin of error.

Abraham’s fundraising woes continue, and the Congressman has had to loan his campaign 300,000 dollars to stay afloat. Cross says Abraham just has to get into a run-off to end his financing issues.

“If Abraham makes it then he is going to be well funded,” said Cross. “I think you will see the Republican Governor’s Association come in, and some of the Republican Super PACs.

The Abraham campaign raised 194,000 dollars during the period.

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