Staying on top of national politics, KPEL's Rob and Bernie spoke with Dr. Meena Bose, the chair of the presidential studies department at Hofstra University, on Acadiana's morning news today.

Bose said the Bernie Sanders campaign has been contemplating its chances at defeating Hillary Clinton. This week, some Sanders campaign staffers told news outlets their candidate should have campaigned harder in 2015, in order to defeat Clinton.

Though the window for Sanders victory is a small one, Bose said many pundits are watching what effect he may have o the Democratic Party, even if he does not earn the nomination.

Clinton is currently about 10 percent ahead of Sanders in the polls, so Bose says she has a comfortable lead.

Bose said she believes if Clinton wins the New York Democratic primary election, on April 19, by more than five points, the country can expect a Clinton nomination.

On the Republican side, speculations for the New York primary place Trump in the lead by a healthy margin. Ohio Gov. John Kascih is showing up in second place. Sen. Ted Cruz lags behind in third.

Ted Cruz Tours Brooklyn Matzah Bakery (Getty Images)
Ted Cruz Tours Brooklyn Matzah Bakery (Getty Images)

Cruz's poor positioning in New York is reflective of what Bose calls the Texas senator's stand against the northeastern elite.

Bose, like many others, believes the Republican National Convention will be a contested convention with Trump and Cruz as the two front runners.

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