A record number of candidates have withdrawn from their respective races since qualifying for the Nov. 4 ballot.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler says 110 candidates have dropped out, and the printed ballot may not reflect the change in the number of candidates.

"So we urge voters to look at the ballot that's posted at the precinct," Schedler said, "and there will be a list of withdrawn candidates."

We urge voters to look at the ballot that's posted at the precinct

Many of names of withdrawn candidates will remain on the ballot because it is required by law that these ballots are made 45 days from the election. Votes for withdrawn candidates will not be counted.

Schedler says local election commissioners are supposed to inform voters at polling stations of withdrawn candidates on the ballot.

"I just want to be straight up with everyone: When you have over 13,000 commissioners across the state... there could be incidents where a long line or someone inadvertently forgets to say that," Schedler said.

Even a U.S. Senate candidate has withdrawn from the race -- Raymond Brown -- and Schedler says candidates have withdrawn in every parish.

Schedler advises people to visit GeauxVote.com to stay up-to-date

"It'll pull up a live ballot specific to you, and that will be current to, literally, the day of the election of who has withdrawn," Schedler said. "So, when all else fails, use that."

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