A Winnsboro park was the site of a terrible crime on Sunday when 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt was set on fire by three unidentified men. The three men allegedly threw a flammable substance on her and then lit it.

Moffitt's mother has stated that Sharmeka remains in critical condition at the hospital, but that she has been able to open her eyes and communicate with the family.

Rumors have been circulating around the town that this crime might have been racially motivated. The FBI is currently working the case in order to determine if race was a factor, but Mayor Jackie Johnson says that he is not convinced that this is the case. This is in light of the fact that the letters 'KKK' were spray-painted on her car nearby. Sharmeka  hasn't been able to identify her attackers.

Mayor Johnson says that the community is offering up a prayer at the candlelight vigil tonight at 7 PM at Citivan Park.

We are encouraging the family to be strong and supporting the family. Giving the family all the support that we possibly can. I know times is rough right now, but we want to be there for the family.

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