21-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt of Winnsboro, who police say lit herself on fire in October of last year, has pled not guilty to charges of terrorizing and filing a false police report.

Moffitt's alleged self-inflicted attack, in which she claimed she was attacked by three men in white hoodies who set her on fire, had many Franklin Parish residents outraged and scared. For the record, La. State Police say they found her fingerprints on the cigarette lighter and the charcoad fluid found at the scene.

Franklin Parish 5th District Attorney Mack Lancaster has visited with Moffitt's mother and says Moffitt is "badly burned from her neck to her knees." He says her face is not damaged like the rest of her body, which has 3rd degree burns all over it. While a December 2nd trial date has been set for Moffitt, her horrible condition has attorney Lancaster saying that "at this point, I don't think prison is a place for her."

According to other people, she needs help with just everyday living duties that we all can carry out. She needs help with cooking and bathing and things like that.

Lancaster has already talked with Moffitt's lawyer about when they would begin plea discussion talks. The terrorizing charge alone carries up to 15 years in prison, but Lancaster says he believes Moffitt has suffered enough and he is not looking for her to spend several years of her life in prison.

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