With the U.S. House and Senate-- and the White House--now under GOP leadership, politicians within the Beltway are working on one of President Donald Trump's national priorities--repealing the Affordable Care Act.

At the helm of one piece of legislation to repeal Obamacare is Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy.

Cassidy, and co-sponsors U.S. Sens. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA), will be introducing the nation to the Patient Freedom Act of 2017.

According to a press release from Cassidy's office, the Patient Freedom Act of 2017 was written "to address the individual market's downward spiral under Obamacare."

According to the release, the bill's passage would: return power to the states; increase access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans; improve patient choice; and begin to bring coverage to the nearly 30 million Americans who still do not have health insurance.

The senators will present the legislation at a press conference from the U.S. Capitol tomorrow (Monday January 23) at 10 a.m. (CT).


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