Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back during his Tuesday night monologue.

The late-night host opened his show skewering the healthcare overhaul plan that U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy is currently pushing in Congress.

Earlier this year Cassidy came up with the "Jimmy Kimmel Test" after the comedian delivered an emotional monologue about the Affordable Care Act protections that helped to save his young son, who struggles with a heart defect.

Cassidy even appeared on Kimmel's show earlier this spring and personally assured him that any plan he supported would definitely make sure that a child in the same situation as Kimmel's son would be able to get affordable coverage with no lifetime caps on healthcare expenses.

Kimmel says the proposal that Cassidy is currently pushing does not make good on that promise, nor does it make good on other promises Cassidy made when it came to his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The Louisiana senator recently responded to reporters saying that the language in the proposal does meet the "conditions" he described in the "Jimmy Kimmel Test."

What do you think about Cassidy's proposal? Did he make good on his promise or did he indeed lie to Kimmel's face?

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