A new poll from CBS finds President Barack Obama’s approval rating is over 60% nationally. Local pollster Bernie Pinsonat says while that might be the case nationwide, it’s certainly not true in Louisiana. He says Mr. Obama has been unpopular in the Bayou State throughout his entire term. He says the high favorability rating nationally is likely, because of large states like New York, Illinois and California.

“If you look at the South, they’re not that good, but those big numbers in those big states push his numbers up,” Pinsonat said.

Mr. Obama is still leaving office with the third highest approval rating since 1981. Pinsonat says it’s not the president himself voters disapprove of, it’s his policies.

“While Obama enjoys great popularity across the country, his policies and the actual workings of government that he put forth are very unpopular,” Pinsonat said.

Pinsonat says we’ll see just how much Republicans disapprove of his policies when a decision comes down about whether or not to repeal Obamacare. He says although many Americans are not in favor of Mr. Obama’s policies, for the most part, they like him as a person.

“Obama remains popular because he’s a very likable guy, and that’s very important in politics. If people don’t like you, no matter what you’re doing, they’re not going to give you credit,” Pinsonat said.