I must admit I've never thrown a cell phone but in days past I did severely damage a pager or two.  How can something that is so helpful be so aggravating?  I must not be only one with that question.  In Finland they recently held a cell phone throwing event with the winner tossing a phone 101.46 meters or 332 feet 10.5 inches or almost 33 feet longer than an American football field.  Pretty impressive! Could be an Olympic event if frustration levels keep rising.

Dropped calls, fading signals and unwanted solicitations for lower mortgage rates and more.  All can be frustrating to the point of willful destruction.  Only the cost of the unit has kept me and many others I'm sure from destroying a cell phone with no thought of competing in any event.  If only we could channel that frustration and anger into something useful like maybe establishing world peace.  Fat chance world peace or anything else useful can come out of the electronic nightmare we are sometimes faced with.

Thankfully I learned my lesson long ago in the dark ages of clip-on pagers.  They could be thrown harder and farther in most cases so they smashed really well when a brick wall or concrete sidewalk stopped their forward momentum.  Compared to today's smart phones a pager was relatively inexpensive and in some cases replaced by insurance.  I only had to pay for one and the other was covered by insurance.  I'm hoping I never get ticked off enough to toss my iPhone but if I do I hope I can make it to Finland to participate in something that could earn me some notoriety if not cash.  I've always wanted to travel to Finland...in summer if you get what I mean?

Have you ever tossed your smart phone?  What was your distance?  How much did cost to replace?  Just wondering.

You can watch the event in Finland here:

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