With the special legislative session being a memory for some and a nightmare for others, lawmakers are looking ahead to the regular session that starts Monday. The question is how the legislature will react to a highly fractured body after the recent blood bath.

"The political partisanship has become so toxic that its created an atmosphere that is not conducive accomplishing anything meaningful for the people we serve," said State Representative Barry Ivey R-Baton Rouge.

Ivy says he can’t see any scenario during the upcoming regular session that lawmakers pass a budget.
State Representative Julie Stokes, R-Kenner also is suffering the effects of a brutal special session that she also fears will bleed over to the regular session.
"I think you've seen a breakdown in communication, a breakdown in trust and ultimately a break down in respect," Stokes said.
She says it’s time to reach out to the radical’s to reign in both sides.
"I think its going to take a group of people that want to bridge the gap to spring up and to search for the radical middle that tries to bring two sides together that brings wholeness to this situation," Stokes said.
The regular session begins March 12th.