UPDATE: A day before his scheduled arraignment, suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope pleaded Not Guilty to 17 counts of malfeasance in office, according to our news partners at KATC. Because of this plea, Pope waived his right to appear at the arraignment, which was scheduled for Tuesday.


Suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope found himself in an all too familiar place again last night. That place? The booking room at the parish jail. Pope was booked after an indictment that included 17 counts of malfeasance in office was handed down against him.

All of the charges against Pope concern allegations that the now-suspended City Marshal took money that did not belong to him. The new indictment adds 10 new counts to the original seven that were brought against Pope early this year. The new indictments supercede Pope's September indictment on similar charges.

According to a report from KATC TV 3 here is how each charge against Pope has been broken down.

  • Count 1 is for $4668.60
  • Count 2 is for $1289.56 (Count 1 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 3 is for $7898.00
  • Count 4 is for $1552.47 (Count 2 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 5 is for $7486.30
  • Count 6 is for $1514.17 (Count 3 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 7 is for $6025.90
  • Count 8 is for $1768.19 (Count 4 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 9 is for $6877.30
  • Count 10 is for $1394.16 (Count 5 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 11 is for $8487.60
  • Count 12 is for $1945.62 (Count 6 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 13 is for $7699.50
  • Count 14 is for $3876.23 (Count 7 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 15 is for $7170.90
  • Count 16 is for $8330.80
  • Count 17 is for $6757.00 (This amount was taken after the 9/13/2018 indictment)

Back in October Pope was found guilty on three other malfeasance charges and one count of perjury. Those charges came about as a result of a public records dispute with a local newspaper.

As a result, Pope was suspended from office and could be permanently removed from the office of City Marshal should the convictions against him stand after the appeal process has been exhausted. Michael Hill is currently serving in the City Marshal position until Pope's legal woes have been resolved.