What's the old saying, "the devil is in the details"? I would be willing to be some employees at the Lafayette Parish Jail and at the District Attorney's Office are rethinking some of their policies and procedures after an inmate with a pending charge of first-degree murder was allowed to post bail and walk out of jail last month.

According to a story reported by KLFY Television Rontralon Joseph was indicted for first-degree murder back in January. Joseph was also incarcerated on several other charges. According to the report, Joseph remained in jail on those charges from January until mid-November.

What is believed to have happened is that Joseph, who posted a $5,000 bond for the charges listed above, excluding the murder charge, was allowed to walk out of jail because the first-degree murder charge was not added to the indictment. If it had been then Joseph would not have been eligible to post bond.

After the error was realized, the District Attorney's Office issued another warrant for Joseph on November 18th. Unfortunately, that's two days after he was released. As of now, police have no idea of his whereabouts but the search is ongoing.

Lafayette Police encourage you to come forward with information on Joseph and his whereabouts if you happen to know anything.

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