According to Duson Chief of Police Kip Judice, Entergy has been able to isolate the lines directly affected by the incident
and has, in turn, restored power to most of the residences and businesses in
the Town of Duson.  All traffic control lights are functioning properly at
this time.

Crews will be working for the next few hours to repair damages and bring
power back to the homes and businesses directly affected by the damaged

Barricades have been placed on Toby Mouton Road Extension from Austria Road
to Riceland Road so that crews can move across the roadways without
unnecessary cross traffic.  Residents of Toby Mouton Road Extension are only
permitted to bypass the barricades but through traffic is prohibited while
the barricades remain up.

Unlawful disregard for a police barricade can result in a fine of $250.00,
so motorists are encouraged to avoid Toby Mouton Road Extension as a route
from Riceland to Austria.  The alternate route is Cameron Street which
parallels Toby Mouton Road Extension.

The Town of Duson is without electrical power due to an incident involving a dump truck spreading gravel which latched onto overhead electrical lines and snapped four electrical poles.

Entergy Officials are working on the issue but power will not be restored until the lines can be restrung properly.

There are no functioning traffic control lights in the Town of Duson so all intersections function as a four-way stop and motorists are asked to use caution in this area.

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