Today 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' welcomed Camara Clifton, Political Strategist with Clifton Partners and Fox Radio News Contributor.  According to Clifton both sides in the Presidential race are deploying thousands of lawyers to the swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and Virginia to prepare to litigate election results in cases where razor-thin election margins may occur.

Clifton said,

There are thousands of them.  They are all volunteers for their respective parties, ostensibly because they believe in the rule of law...they're backed up by volunteers from both parties with technology at their fingertips.  So, when they see something as a poll-watcher they'll alert party headquarters and then push-out to the closest attorney and set them on it.

Clifton said posting lawyers and poll watchers at swing-state voting locations is a good thing because,

Every state does things in different ways and because some people live in two separate places so there is potential for voter fraud...If there was more uniformity in the voting process there would be less opportunity for voter fraud and less anxiety for the voter.

Listen to the interview: