Former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron is currently on a coaching hiatus, but it didn't keep him from making the media rounds in the days leading up to Super Bowl 56.

Known as one of college football's greatest recruiters, Orgeron has plenty of stories from his 37 years in coaching.

He shared a number of them on the Dan Patrick Show, including this bit about Joe Burrow.

However, this isn't close to the best story he shared with Dan Patrick and Crew.

While an assistant at USC, Orgeron recruited a large portion of the 2004 National Championship team, earning the reputation of the best recruiter in the land.

One player he wasn't able to sign at USC was Adrian Peterson, but it doesn't mean he didn't try.

As crazy as the story is, the most ridiculous aspect of it is the NCAA rule that prohibited Orgeron from buying Peterson lunch (Adrian had to eat a ginger break cookie for a meal), but he could attempt to work on a prison transfer of an inmate.

Orgeron and Carrol weren't allowed visitation into the prison, which was located in Texarkana, Texas, but Bob Stoops, head coach at Oklahoma during that time, was.

I'm guessing the Warden was a Sooners fan?

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