3rd District Congressman Charles Boustany visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' by phone from Washington today and discussed:

  • Yesterday's Navy Yard Shooting
  • The 2014 budget
  • Funding for VA clinics nationwide
  • Syria and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin

When asked if a healthcare professional would have an ethical dilemma on his or her hands if a patient presented to them with the symptoms allegedly shown by Aaron Alexis Congressman Boustany replied,

When this nexus between mental health and violence occur it should be a wake-up that these people should not have guns.

Noting that White House spokesman Jay Carney said 'We will continue to work to take action to improve gun safety and reduce gun violence through executive action and hopefully Congress will take action'.  Congressman Boustany said,

It's certainly a concern to us in Congress because executive action circumvents the Constitution.   The Executive Branch  is not in the business and should not be in the business of making the law.  That's the pervue of Congress.  This is something we will certainly monitor very closely and take vigorous action to prevent any type of Executive Orders that circumvent the law.

Congress will in coming weeks attempt to pass a budget for the first time in five years and according to Boustany,

Brinksmanship doesn't work and it has a severe impact on the nation's economy.  Back when Newt Gingrinch tried a government shutdown it back-fired pretty badly and now the stakes are higher because we're in a shaky economy.  You have to understand when you're in government what it is you can accomplish and basically what's 'pie in the sky'.  There are those that want to defund Obamacare and I'm one of them.

To hear all of what Congressman Boustany had to say about defunding Obamacare, funding of VA clinics, Syria and the 2014 budget take a listen to the interview: