Today Congressman John Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' from Washington to discuss:

  • President Obama meeting with a group of Republican Congressman yesterday
  • Discontinuance of White House tours blamed on Secret Service by President Obama
  • His belief that nobody who has never had to manage a payroll should be allowed to run for office
  • His possible run for a Senate seat
  •  The budget proposed by Senator Paul Ryan

President Obama met with a group of Republican lawmakers yesterday in which Fleming said the President was asked if families are being asked to cut back and sacrifice why can't the federal government be expected to do the same?  Fleming said he was shocked when the President said,

The federal government is not a family and it's not desirable or even advisable to balance the budget.

Fleming went on saying,

The President said he has no intention and sets no goals to balance the federal budget.

According to Fleming the President also said he's tired of taxpayers getting subsidies, what he's really saying is taxpayers are getting too many deductions.

When asked about his possible candidacy for Senator Mary Landrieu's seat Fleming responded,

Although I like her very much personally Senator Landrieu has been wrong for Louisiana..she supported Obamacare which is going to be devastating for our economy.  Her time is up in Washington so I'm thinking about running against her.

Listen to the interview with Congressman Fleming to hear more about talks with President Obama, the deficit and Senator Paul Ryan's proposed budget.

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