Do you like ice cream? Do you like beer? Well, you're going to love what Coors has created for this summer. Coors is putting the fun and cool back under the sun with their new Orange Cream Pop flavor ice cream. Does it contain alcohol? Yes, it does!

Coors has gone all genius on us, teaming up with Tipsy Scoop for a creation like Americans have never seen from a beer company. Sure there are hundreds of beers infused with a gagillion different flavors and of course low-calorie spritzer after spritzer but until now never has a beer company jumped into the ice cream ring.

You thought we’d stop at turning the best ice cream into a hard seltzer? Think again. We’ve turned the best ice cream into a hard seltzer and turned THAT into hard ice cream. -Coors

Coors released their first line of spiked seltzers back in September of 2020 but here we are coming out of the pandemic mid-2021 and Coors has turned summer up a notch with ice cream beer.
Remember getting an ice cream float from the drug store or soda shop as a kid, that's kinda what Coors' Orange Cream Pop flavored ice cream is all about. Forging a combination of ingredients that scream nostalgia for the new America. Oh, and of course, unlike that soda you had with your grandmother, this stuff contains alcohol.
Coors is shipping their new fun dessert nationwide, now. Visit to get your first container of Orange Cream Pop flavored alcoholic ice cream. Must be 21 or over to visit the website.

Let the mountains and ice cream cool you off this summer, order your's today. Sign up to get a discount on your first order

The product goes on sale on June 30, 2021. The presale starts on June 29, 2021.

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