An alleged Walmart thief dragged a cop through a parking lot and led Slidell Police on a high-speed chase then ended when the suspect wrecked his car in Mississippi.

Slidell Police spokesperson Daniel Seuzeneau says 51-year-old Robert Myers of Picayune, Mississippi fled from Walmart Loss Prevention officers, and was later cornered in his car by Slidell authorities…

“the officers approached the truck and asked Myers to step out, he refused and placed the truck into drive in an attempt to flee. One of our officers attempted to stop Myers, at which point he took off in the truck.”

Myers is facing Third Offense Felony Theft, Flight From an Officer, Battery of an Officer, Assault of an Officer, and more.

Once Myers threw the car in drive to evade police, Seuzeneau says one of the officers attempted to stop him but got stuck onto the car as it sped off through the parking lot towards the highway.

“Luckily the officer was able to release himself from the vehicle and he was able to kind of push away to make sure that he wasn’t run over, and he was able to get away with little minor scratches.”

There was a near miss where Myer’s truck nearly struck another cop dead on, but the officer was able to jump out of the way at the last second.

So why nearly run over two cops, and lead authorities on a cross-state high-speed chase? Well…

“He was actually shoplifting power tools for unknown reasons, no idea why. If he would have cooperated with us he likely would have got a summons to appear in court, he wouldn’t have even been physically arrested.”

Seuzeneau says Myers is facing some minor traffic charges across the border, but will soon be extradited.

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