So when we open the phones on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie", and we ask about corporal punishment, it's always a flood of phone calls that we get.  Each person has their own opinion about it, and they each have explanations for why they feel that way.  So does it matter when a man paddles a teen girl?  It sure has been debated in Texas this week, and what happened?  The policy got changed, but there was no apology.

What happened in the story, as Fox News reports, was that a vice principal paddled two high school girls, and their parents were not happy about it.  Some of our callers believe in corporal punishment, some people think it is something barbarians do.

I have no raised no kids, so why do I have a point of view?  Well, a was a teen as some point.  I know if I had done something worthy of getting paddle, I would have learned my lesson real quick especially if the person handling out the punishment was a man.  I would be in pain, sad and humiliated, but I am sure I would have learned my lesson.  But would I die from it?  No.

To me, here is how it breaks down:  I think it should be up to each parent to decide at the beginning of the school year if they will allow corporal punishment, plain and simple.  You are the parent.  I never did get paddled at Acadiana High or any other school, but the one time I did get a spanking, it was enough to know that the boss (my mom) was serious.  I hated it, but she explained it, and I got over it.

Parents need to talk to their kids, and schools need to know if parents will allow this.  The Texas school did not apologize, but they did change their policy. reports,

Board members of Springtown ISD voted unanimously late Monday to change the district’s policy, which now requires a female administrator to be present if a male school official spanks a female student.

You know why I think that works?  Because that's what male gynecologists do.  They always have a female nurse come into the room with you. Hey, if it works for them, then I am so good with that.

So can corporal punishment go too far?  Yep.  A paddle, one is discipline, maybe a few more, but when it's very painful, it's just down right wrong.  You may feel totally different, and I hope that you send me an email, or just comment at the end of this story.  Discipline is a major problem, just as a teacher or a parent who can't get some bad kid or the school to do anything about their child getting beaten, roughed-up or used at a place they are suppose to be safe.

Parents, don't think your child is an angel, but at the same time, don't pretend when they are doing things wrong.  That hurts your kid just as much. Children without morals, truth and discipline are doomed to a life of mediocre or less.  To parents who do discipline and do stand up to schools who do something wrong for real, keep fighting, because you know that the more when protect in and invest in our children, the better things are going to be for all of us tomorrow.