'Cosby Show' actor Geoffrey Owens sat down with GMA to discuss the support he's received in the wake of being shamed by articles after a photo of him bagging groceries at a New Jersey Trader Joe's went viral.
Articles from Daily Mail and Fox News went viral late last week after Trader Joe's customer, Karma Lawrence spotted Owens working as a cashier and snapped a pic.

That photo was the subject of a Daily Mail post that lead with the job-shaming headline: "From learning lines to serving the long line!" The story went on to shame Owens, with details about his appearance on the job.

Wearing an ID badge bearing his name, the former star wore a Trader Joe's T-shirt with stain marks on the front as he weighed a bag of potatoes.

Fox News ended up picking up the story, tweeting out their own job-shaming article.

The actor is most known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on 'The Cosby Show' from 1985-1992 but has appeared in numerous television shows over the past 25 years. A quick look at his IMDB page shows his work on shows like "Law & Order," "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," "Lucifer," and appearances as recent as earlier this year on "Elementary."

Owens, 57, has also been busy with his stage work as founder and artistic director of The Brooklyn Shakespeare company. The Yale graduate has several other screen projects yet to be released and has also been teaching and directing in the meantime.

After the story blew up on social media over Labor Day Weekend (the irony, right?) many came to the swift defense of Owens, including fellow Hollywood actresses and actors who shared jobs they've held during and after their acting gigs using the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs

The story also spawned a very important conversation about classism and job-shaming. Owens appeared on GMA this morning to discuss the flood of support he received in the wake of the story going viral.

What are your thoughts on Ownes being shamed for making an honest living to fill the gap between gigs?

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