It's a test run, but it could ultimately have implications across the nation. Walmart is testing a store with no cashiers. It will be self checkout only at a Fayetteville, Arkansas location.

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I have been quite vocal about this process and lots of people get angry at me about because I do think self check is a pretty good idea. You might ask why? I know it will cost jobs and I get that. But perhaps we will get better service when cashiers truly realize they are expendable. All I want is to be treated nice. My buddy Robert J. Wright says they might not know how. And to that I say, train them and make sure they are following that training. It's quite simple. Just be kind and friendly. That's all I ask. I would gladly go through your checkout line if I knew you were going to be pleasant.

But that is getting more rare with every passing day. More often than not, I run into workers who really seem like they don't wanna be there and they have nothing pleasant to say. Maybe start with "Hello, how are you today?" Is that so tough?

Walmart will be keeping a close eye on the process to see if self checkout is faster than going through a checkout with cashiers doing the work.

Walmart is the nation’s largest private employer and this could have quite the ripple effect if the company decides to make this change at other locations.You will still have workers in the self check area to help if you have some problems during the process.

Walmart has already started rolling out a touch-free payment system aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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