Glad handing and hugs are likely on their way out at the Capitol this session as the threat of coronavirus has lawmakers reassessing the way they interact with each other and the public.

Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson says she’s keeping Purell and Lysol on her at all times, but says there needs to be an official policy on contact at the Capitol.

“Look, there needs to be some guidelines. We are always shaking hands and hugging people, and I love the constituents of the state but I think all of us need to be a little more cautious about how we act,” said Jackson.

UPDATE: Louisiana has tested 45* patients so far, with one of them, a Jefferson Parish resident, coming back presumptively positive.

Many lawmakers were business as usual before Monday’s news of the state’s first case broke. New Orleans Representative Royce Duplessis says he shook a lot of hands earlier in the morning.

“I think I have been doing a little too much this morning, I think I should go to using elbows,” said Duplessis.

Governor Edwards announced the state’s first case midday Monday at his speech kicking off the session.

But Alexandria Representative Lance Harris says not everyone is afraid of a handshake.

“It was interesting to see the Governor come down and elbow bump everybody. Of course I’ve been shaking hands, that’s on the House side but we have a lot of hand sanitizer over there,” says Harris.

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