It was a story that tugged at the heartstrings of many Saints fans, and now we have a happy ending.

Jennifer Harper's tears of sadness turned to tears of joy thanks to the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees.

You see, Jennifer lost her son, Bobby Harper Jr., who died in a car accident at age 30 about a year ago. Bobby loved the Saints, and since his passing, his family has taken his Drew Brees jersey to every Saints home game as a way to remember him. Unfortunately, Bobby's number nine jersey went missing after this past Sunday's game against the 49ers.


Facebook user Chelsea Hale took a shot in the dark and shared the Harper's story on social media in hopes that someone may have stumbled upon the misplaced jersey or maybe even picked it up by accident.

Jennifer says she remembers folding her son's jersey and tucking it away in her purse at the end of the game, but when she got to the parking garage she realized it was gone. Although many people shared the Facebook post, days passed and no one came forward with the jersey.

And then the Saints came marching in, literally.

Jennifer's eyes filled with tears on Wednesday when she opened a surprise package from the New Orleans Saints and realized that her son's favorite jersey had been replaced with a brand new replica from the team, personally signed by the future hall of fame quarterback Drew Brees.

Harper said she was floored by the reach of the post and the generosity of people who were complete strangers.

We were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the Saints. It made us feel better that somebody cared so much about our son.

As for the new jersey, Harper says this one won't be visiting the dome, but instead "be kept forever in a special place in our home."

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