The deadline to submit ACT scores for TOPS qualification has been extended to September 30th as the ability to take a test is non-existent at the moment.

LOSFA Executive Director Dr. Sujuan Boutte says a student would still need a 2.5 GPA and 20 on their ACT to qualify for at least some level of TOPS.

“This doesn’t waive the requirement that you have to have an Act score or TOPS, you do, but that student now has longer for us to be able to run their eligibility,” says Boutte.

The traditional April national ACT test was delayed until June, and Boutte says they’re working with ACT to try to make June a possibility even if restrictions are still in place.

“We’ve had three or four calls with ACT to try to be able to get alternative dates, maintain social distancing, and do testing when it is safe,” says Boutte.

If a student has already taken an ACT, LOSFA will begin running eligibility on those scores in June.

Many school districts are now moving to Pass/Fail grades for classes due to school closures. Boutte says those will not impact your existing GPA, for better or worse.

“So let’s say that you had a 2.49 and you need a 2.5 for TOPS eligibility. If you accepted a P then what happens? Your GPA doesn’t go down, but it also doesn’t go up,” says Boutte.

If you have any more questions about TOPS and COVID-19 Boutte recommends visiting LOSFA’s website and reading the Q&A section.

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