Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine is visiting New Orleans today. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says the goal of the visit is probably to support other Democratic candidates on the November ballot and to raise money for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“I think deep down that Clinton and Kaine know that Louisiana is going to be a very difficult state for them to carry, but they want to motivate Democrats in Louisiana to help other Democratic candidates,” Dubos said.

Dubos says Republican candidate Donald Trump’s poll numbers are falling nationwide. But he says Trump’s numbers are staying consistently high in the South.

“He’s still doing well in the Deep South, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc, but he’s struggling nationwide. But I think Trump feels pretty comfortable about his numbers in Louisiana right now,” Dubos said.

Dubos says Clinton and Kaine will have to ramp up their campaign efforts in the South because if Trump’s popularity continues to decline, they could have a shot at winning the Bayou State.

“If Trump’s numbers continue to decline nationally, it could have an impact in Louisiana, and we could become competitive,” Dubos said.

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