As the presidential campaign heats up, allegations of sexual harassment on the part of Herman Cain are front and center.

In the polls Cain slowly but surely went from last to first so the next thing that had to happen did.  Major Mud has been flung!  Even though Herman Cain doesn't have some of the polish of the other Republican candidates he amassed a great following.  Whether it was a Republican candidate or the Democratic party who discovered the harassment allegations someone brought these years old claims to light.

Amazing as it sounds, Cain has raised more campaign funds in the month since the allegations came to light than in any previous month.  I feel that the allegations were made years ago by women who were paid for their silence and now want their 15 minutes of fame and possibly more money than the original payoffs.  Payments of $35,000 and $45,000 could be greatly overshadowed by payments from a party or candidate out to bring Cain down.  Even greater payments might come from media outlets hoping to boost viewership or readership.

Who would be more trustworthy?  Cain who kept quiet about the allegations as the settlement required or the women who went back on their word for profit.

I think after having President Bill Clinton say "I did not have sex with that woman" ( even though Monica Lewinsky's dress proved differently ) we should not be concerned about past comments by a presidential candidate.

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