If I had any doubts that American is heading to Hell in a handbasket the California Assembly has clarified things for me.  Legislation has been passed in the Assembly and moved to the Senate for consideration that would require public schools to allow students to have access to facilities consistent with their gender identity.

The legislation was introduced by Tom Ammiano, the San Francisco Assemblyman who said his bill clarifies existing non-discriminatory provisions in the education code.  Ammiano said,

Districts must offer transgender students equal access to programs and facilities based on their gender identity.

Ammiano's bill says districts must offer access to programs and facilities based on gender identity and I don't get it.  Programs I'm ok with...if a girl wants to play tackle football, can make the team and understands that hands may be placed on parts of her body in the name of tackling...so be it.  If a boy wants to be on the girls synchronized swimming team I'm ok with that.

But boys and girls as young as age five sharing bathrooms and high school age boys and girls sharing locker rooms and showers I have a major problem with.

Little boys and little girls already have a natural urge to discover so why would you want them to have free access to this discovery mode in an unsupervised bathroom?  Modesty is already almost a forgotten notion so what will mixed use bathrooms do for modesty?

Does Mr. Ammiano think that 13 year old boys and girls sharing a shower will lead to lower pregnancy rates in middle school?

I have to agree with my morning co-host Bernadette Lee who said these children should look down and if they have boy parts they should use the boys bathrooms and showers.  If they have girl parts they should use the girls bathrooms and showers.  Pretty simple concept.

I understand there are some people who question their gender but I don't think public schools have a responsibility to help them answer that question.  I think that six year-olds really should be focused on reading, writing, arithmetic and computer skills instead of deciding which bathroom fits their gender choice of the moment.

Let kids be kids and don't make growing up any more uncomfortable than it already can be.

Watching some of the shows on television and seeing some of the undesirables we have as role models for our youngsters there is no doubt in my mind that as AC/DC sang 'We're on a highway to Hell'.