Let's talk.

I want to start off by saying that I have been a huge fan of watermelon since my childhood years. As a matter of fact, I once refused to walk in a wedding, as a child, if I did not get enough watermelons. I think I got 12.

So, I say that to establish the fact that I have always loved a good cold watermelon. But there has always been a debate surrounding watermelon.

Do you add salt to your watermelon after cutting it? I do.

So many people that I know add salt to their watermelon and one of the reasons I add salt to my watermelon is because it seems to add a flavor to it that would otherwise be missing.

A good watermelon will always be very sweet but adding just a bit of salt over just the melon seems to add more to the flavor.

Some have suggested that by adding salt to your watermelon you actually get more flavors from the melon. Look, I've had watermelon with and without salt, and in my opinion, it just tastes better with salt.

I am curious though. Do you too add salt to your watermelon or do you just eat your watermelon as is? Feel free to chime in below and let's talk.

One thing I think most of us would agree on is that there is no better "treat" on a hot summer day than an ice-cold watermelon.

Now let me wrap up this blog and dive into one. And yes, the salt is already on the countertop.


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