Most families are satisfied with their child’s early childhood provider. That’s according to a recent survey from the Department of Education, which finds 90 percent of respondents are likely to choose their program again.

Assistant Superintendent of Early Childhood, Jenna Conway says families also say they are befitting from changes making more families eligible for childcare assistance and simplifying the enrollment process.

“So instead of having to drive or take the bus all over town, fill out multiple pieces of paper, try to gather all of these documents, it’s a more streamlined process locally,” Conway said.

Survey respondents say they are finding it easier to apply and access early childhood. While 88 percent say they are satisfied with the quality of their child’s program, Conway says four out of ten families note they are not sure if their child is making progress, or whether they are learning the necessary skills to prepare them for kindergarten.

“Just over half of our families believe that their children are learning important skills, and they’re not totally sure whether or not their program meets quality benchmarks,” Conway said.

Conway says the results of this study can be used to improve DOE’s early childhood program. She says the first step is identifying the challenges they face. She says local communities are leading the way in figuring out ways to engage families in the learning process.

“Really trying to incorporate parent engagement and education about what matters most in every step of the process, and our local partners will be essential in leading that work,” Conway said.