Last week 49 decapitated bodies were discovered in Northern Mexico as drug wars between the cartels escalate.  I think it’s time we bring in National Guard or US Military troops to secure our borders.

Liberals say we don’t need to guard the border with Mexico to keep illegals out but I’ve made it clear in the past I think we should use the National Guard.  With major escalation of wars between the drug cartels I think we need to use every military resource we have to protect the border and our citizens.  How long will it be before the cartels bring this wanton violence to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California and other US States?

The members of the cartels have proven they have one motive and one god…that motive is greed and the god is money.  The cartels own the Mexican government and military.  How long before they own the US Government and military?  There is so much money to be made from drug trafficking that the temptations to sell out your country are incredible.  How long will it be before border guards are being bought or threatened into looking the other way.  How long before we start finding large quantities of decapitated bodies in US cities?

I think it’s time we protect our country not only from the illegals who sneak in to work and send money back home without paying taxes, but to protect our nation from rampant drug violence and the associated corruption.