Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel signed, this week, the Unified Development Code ordinance.

Durel says,


“I am pleased that we have reached another significant milestone towards achieving our common vision for the future of Lafayette. We are taking control of our own destiny and having our say on how we envision growth and development in our community. The streamlined development regulations within the UDC ensure the successful implementation of PlanLafayette.”


During the next several weeks, Lafayette Consolidated Government will be having workshops for the public, developers and staff.

Any property owner that doesn't agree with the changes "will have the opportunity to apply for a free zoning reclassification."  Those applications would then be reviewed, sent to the Lafayette Zoning Commission and the Lafayette City Parish Council to decide about whether the revision can happen.  The Council then would vote on any changes on December 1 of this year.

Carlee Alm-Labar,Lafayette's Chief Development Officer thanks the Council for their support.

She says,


“I want to thank the Council members for their time spent reviewing the document and working with the administration to deliver the best code possible to our community and to update our existing regulations. For the Administration, the work is just beginning. We have a very important 210 day period ahead.”


The UDC is an integral part of the implementation ofLafayette's comprehensive plan.

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