Since the implementation of Lafayette Consolidated Government's Unified Development Code there have many questions about how the UDC functions.

Some people who have existing businesses have spoken to us about the many unintended consequences the implementation of the code has had on their additions to their property.

There is now the Lafayette Consolidated Government Unified Development Code Review Committee, and the members of that committee gathered gathered Friday.

There are forty people that joined the meeting.

According to the group, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory wants this group to "replace" rather than change the Unified Development Code.

The review committee has five different subcommittees who will tasked with looking at a variety of different issues associated with the UDC, including the following:

Addressing development in the city

Addressing development in the parish

Addressing development in downtown

Mayor-President Josh Guillory advised the committee that he wants them to make changes that will be business-friendly.


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