How soon is too soon?

2020 has been one hell of a year, so it's understandable that so many of us just want it to be over already. Regardless of the reason why you want to fast track 2020, everybody has their own way of moving the year along and this guy can definitely relate.

A South Mississippian by the name of Zach Rushing is a social media influencer who is known for "telling it like it is" and when it comes to his home, he was definitely not ready for the fall decor that his significant other "ambushed" him with after his yard work.

Be warned, while he is definitely justified, there is some NSFW language ahead.

I think this is something that at least one person in every household can relate to when it comes to fall decor, but we're all smart enough to keep our mouths shut. Don't fight the pumpkin spice, just breathe it in and let's get through 2020 in a full decorative style.

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